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The CladVenitry Species
Name meaning: Steel Stomachs
Native World: Mysta. Very rare in Humana, but can be found in Demona as well.
Food Chain Role: Predators.
Habbitat: Deep and humid forests, can be often seen close to swamps.
Abilities: They're naturally strong and agile. Similar to ants, the CladVentri can lift up to 10 times their own weight. Their fangs are powerful and resistant, and their bite can break bones easily, making them a very dangerous species. When threatned, their lower jaw splits in half to perform an even more powerful bite, and their claws can deliver quite a slash.
Short Bio: Nocturnal Hunters, they're lethal by themselves and lift threatning in groups, which they often hunt in. Their sights are very light resistant, meaning they often can't see well during the day. They live in deep and wet forests, either in tunnels, inside caves or in makeshift houses, and their hunting group is carefully organized with one alpha and one scout, that will search the area for possible threats and targe
:iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 6 2
More alien concept. by battlestoriesfan More alien concept. :iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 7 12 Huh. by battlestoriesfan Huh. :iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 3 187 Clad sweater by battlestoriesfan Clad sweater :iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 11 11 Mary's new design! by battlestoriesfan Mary's new design! :iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 14 67 What's up! by battlestoriesfan What's up! :iconbattlestoriesfan:battlestoriesfan 4 7


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I would gladly ask for some points, If you have spare points, or points you don't know how to use, give to me. gotta get a premium member ship
And i can trade the points too.
10 points= a big story story
5 points= a small story
25 points= a vore story or an advanture story
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35= a vore comic
40= awwww, thanks! what can i do for you?
45 points= anything you want!
Please, donate points for the mystic, you won't regret it

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Ye daily doses of wisdom:

Playing with a cat is super fun and adorable.

But then they get a claw on your finger and yank a tiny bit of the skin.

then it hurts like hell
Oh hey! i've been featured in a Deviantart Cringe compilation.

Honestly, i don't even feel mad. Just means i'm known enough that someone took their time to try and trigger me. Huzzah. XD

Edit: Excuse me. its a "comment simulator"....whatever that is. any memers know what a comment simulator is? @ w @
The Catgirl's dinner[VORE]
Raise ye hands if you remember this vid…
If you do, congrats, you have some good years under your vore belt! that was one of the VERY first vids i've ever seen about hte subject, and the literal first video that this fella here SandersonFromMadness watched. And since i owed him for quite  alot, i drew this for him.

Also, GODDAMN how long has it been since i uploaded here... There were so many spiders here i could probably get a choir from their voices...

Not much to see here. :3 just a noms picture about a heavily under apreciated predator!
Hey. I won't be able to be here tomorrow morning because of an eye exam i'll perfom. basically to check if my eyes made any improviments since last exam. I'll undergo through the same boring things, as well as dilated pupils. joy.
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Just call me Nagato
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello, Deviantart! Battlestoriesfan here!
I welcome you all to my cute (and messy) profile, where you can see, fave, comment and read the adventures of my persona and all his friends! I'm always willing to rp and make new friends! i'm also an eternal request taker! (whatever that means!)
You may call me Nagato, but i also have tons of other nicknames. Some call me battles, some call me Snowy, Na-Na (don't ask) and stuff. i FREAKIG love to rp! I rp with vore, pokemon, fantasy, adventure and many more! I'm a writer and an artist (digital and traditional) So, please feel free to comment on my profile or on my art work! I'm always willing to improve, so i want to hear what you think i should improve.
I welcome you and all to my profile! Have fun!

Signed-Nagato, the demonic mystic sorcerer.

My da family!
:icondragon-girl155:My always hungry dragon sis
:iconazon-corazanna: my cyborg bro.
:iconshadowacedestroyer: My crazy multipersonality/transpokeforming wandering friend(god thats long)
:iconjimworld70: I'll be that guy who lives next door but never actually stays at that house (although he doesn't live next door.)
:iconebbithetigress: my cat!
:iconnicthewerecatqueen: My Weird werecat Sister!
:iconpassyvorex: my dragon friend!
:icontheel3ctricspark: My pony friend!
:iconsuperkirby6554: My hungry eevee bro.
:iconcoloneldecon: My soldier buddy.
:iconthevorechampion: my Crystal bro.
:iconjackson-the-prey: My orphaned Bro.
:iconepiclucario: My Kinda overpowered saying cousin(just kinda)
:iconchris-laurent547: My preyish formless cousin
:iconrobo-seb: my poke bro.
:iconvorefanxd: My devilish bro!
:iconrkrakinski: My furry cat friend.
:iconventtheredbunny1918: My Fnaf Buddy
:iconadrian2797: My trustful bro.
:icongluttonwolf: my gluttonous sis!
:iconserperiorlover: Snake-ish bro.
:iconshock1nglucario: My Young Riochu brother. (whats a Riochu? ask him)
:iconranze-the-lucario: my lucario bro!
:iconnuneathedeviant: My greninja bro!
:iconthedarkomega: my mawile uncle.
:iconmawcarby: my french mawile friend!
:iconvorerpholic: My pikachu brother
:iconwhitefangsthewolf95: My vorish wolf bro!
:iconreaper2525: My non-reaper close friend of fluffy wolf ears! (that's a big title. .3.)
:iconshellinasonata: My Samurott sis! She has a comfy tummy. X3
:iconlamo123: My poke champion bro!


Digital pictures-2 Versions
Digital pictures Are overrall 60 points. But in case you want 2 versions of the same picture, i'll add 40 pointswith the 2nd verison included.
Digital pictures
Digital pictues, since they do take a long time to make and require more work, will be more expensive than traditional pictures.
Detailed fully colored comics, either for humor or vore themed such as…
5 more points for each page.
Short Stories
A short story, vore or not. They will NOT be huge stories(yet) and i'll do my hardest to be as descriptive as i can.

Ten points if a story with your characters, 5 more points if its a story with already existing characters. Why? because i have to carefully study the character's personality, way of speaking and how they act to try and stay faithful.
Single Colored Pictures
A single picture of a single character fully colored, with or without background.
Max of characters per single picture: 3

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