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'What is this place?' by battlestoriesfan
'What is this place?'
MAN! this took FOREVER!!
Anyway, this here is Nagato wandering through the main temple of his clan Synagogae sacris Rosa.
Here he travels through a secret dungeon that will lead to his clan's main treasure The Book of Ages.
If you guys are wondering where his demon arm is, he didn't have it at the time.
Tried my best to do shading here, but it wasn't very good.
352 deviations
I still got it! by battlestoriesfan
I still got it!
Never let me get bored during school. I might spit out an art.
Yeah. I drew this during school today. XD. I had finished my Assigment early and did this.
Its just a random attempt at C, but i screwed up the hair... its too Nagato-ish.
But, hey! I still got it, right?
It was inside the Palace of Sei'an city. A creepy shadow moved past the guards with ease.
It crept deeper and deeper till stopping by a huge sea of lava.

"Hm...i'm impressed...The Queen sure has an amasing way of defense...But" Said the shadow, jumping and clinging to a wall. It then did a spin jump and clinged to another wall, and after many jumps, it managed to pass through the sea.

"It's not good enough" Said the creature. Hehe...." said the shadow, but then she turned her head to the left and saw a white wolf with many red marks. It had a green sprite jumping on top of its head as they talked to her target: Queen Himiko. She then quickly hid and watched from afar.

"It is unfortunate that the Oni Island is being protected by a Barrier... And the only way to break the barrier is through the Water Dragon."

"But that thing nearly swallowed us before! How do we expect to use it?!"asked Issun.

"That i do not know....but only you can do it. Will you hear my request? The request of all my people?"

After saying it, Issun blushed, turned pink and said, jumping around:

"Hey! For you, anything!"

"Oh Amaterasu. You are truly benevolent. Go forth. My prayers will not cease until we are rid of this curse"

Amaterasu nodded and turned, running off, on her way towoards the Water Dragon. The Shadow smirked as her only foe leaves the palace. It was easy to reach the queen now, as she turned back at the queen and slowy aproached again, now taking off a dagger from her sleeve. She ran closer and closer and lunged to attack!!
However, the instant her dagger was close to the Queen, it stopped mid-stab and the shadow was zapped away, landing into the ground.

"GAH! What?!" The shadow asked.

"You thought it would be easy for you, Nine tails?"

The shadow stood up, revealing it to be a woman wearing what seemed to be a priestess clothing.

"N-nine tails? Who are you calling that?! My name is-"

"It is futile. I felt your demonic presence the instant you stepped into my chamber. I may not have enough power to fight you, but i have enough to see through your disguise"

"Tch. Well, I kinda expected it to have some sort of challenge" Rao smirked and started glowing, but the glow soon dissapeared, much to Rao's surprise.

"W-what?! W-whats going on?!" asked Rao.

The Queen then stood up and started walking towoards her.

"I was taught to be prepared for anything. I am dissapointed, Nine tails, that you could not see through my holy barrier. Now that your powers are drained-" Himiko said, placing a seal on Rao: "I, Himiko, will not allow this evil to darken Sei'an." said, then suspending Rao.

"W-what's going on?! I feel strange! What did you do to me?!" asked Rao, as the entire world around her seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. The world wasn't getting bigger. It was Rao who was getting smaller!

"I must dispose of you now. Farewell, Lord Nine Tails" said Queen Himiko, raising her towoards her head and opening her mouth.
Upon seeing that, the now Powerless Nine Tails started squirming and struggling, but to no avail, because soon she found herself being dropped inside her mouth and swallowed in no time, screaming as she does.
After finishing her foe, Queen Himiko returned to her throne and sat down, starting to relax just as Amaterasu and Issun ran back in, both looking perplexed:

"What happened?! We heard a loud zap!"

"I thank you for your concern, but everything is fine. We don't have much time. please go after the Water Dragon as quickly as possible. I have something to dispose of" said Himiko, looking down at her stomach.

Amaterasu and Issun looked at each other, a bit confused about Himiko's mysterious words, but left nonetheless.
Watching them leave, Himiko started to relax, now that she's got rid of one of the most dangerous demons Lord Nine Tails, who had finally collapsed from the lack of air, her body soon ceasing all moviments permanently.
When a plan fails.
Man! Has been a while since i've written a story, but i still got it!
This story here was requested by WakaandMariovore1 .
He wanted me to write a vore story involving Queen Himiko and Rao (Both from Okami) featuring shrink and vore.
Hope you like it, dude.


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I welcome you and all to my profile! Have fun!

Signed-Nagato, the demonic mystic sorcerer.

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